This Week's Products
  • Bittersweet-Green

    Once the berries are set and the size of small peas in early July we will cut this item as a fresh item, meaning it does require water and controlled storage temps. It is a lush viney foliage and the berries just add interest. It doesn’t drink all that well since the stems are so woody and long but removing the foliage and exposing the green fruit will allow it to be used successfully anywhere.

    PRICE PER BUNCH: $8.00
    PRICE PER CASE: $160
    STEMS PER BUNCH:  grower’s bunch
    BUNCHES PER CASE:  20x per Full box
    GRADE:  single grade
    LENGTH: 3-5′

    $160.00 Add to cart
  • Hosta Foliage

    An incredibly durable item that continues to grow dramatically in use. We have many sizes and color variations and are continually expanding our offerings with this great crop. Bunches with large leaves will have slightly fewer stems than bunches with smaller leaves. You can specify certain color combos and we will do what we can to meet your requests.

    PRICE PER BUNCH: $3.75
    PRICE PER CASE: $56.25
    STEMS PER BUNCH:  7-12 stems
    BUNCHES PER CASE:  15x per Quarter or 30x per Half box
    GRADE:  single grade
    LENGTH: 12-30″ depending on variety and leaf size

    $56.25 Add to cart
  • Willow-Curly Willow-Green

    The “vase grade” are 2-3′ stems with no branching, ready for quick production work. The super tall single stems of Curly Willow are only available in the green color. They are beautifully contorted trees. Busy and branchy at the top, a twisted clean trunk about halfway up, ends are roughly 3″ in diameter. These do require extra shipping charges.

    Sage to olive green color on the one to two years worth of growth, usually darker at the tips or the newer growth.

    PRICE PER BUNCH: $3/vase grade; $3.75/tips; $4/medium; $6/tall; $10/single stem super tall
    PRICE PER BALE: $60/vase grade; $37.50/tips; $40/medium; $60/tall; $50/super tall
    STEMS PER BUNCH:  12/vase grade; 10/tips; 5-7/medium; 3-4/tall
    BUNCHES PER BALE:  12x for vase grade and 10 bunches per bale all other sizes
    GRADE:  vase grade, tips, medium, tall and super tall single stems
    LENGTH: 2-3’vase grade; 3-4′ tips; 5′ medium; 6-8′ tall; 10-12′ super tall single stem



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